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Sometimes I could just kill a man...

I've been busting my ass all motherfucking afternoon on this magazine layout and the only thing I have accomplished is completely frustrating myself and getting homicidal. Nothing is working the way I want it to, I'm following what I know works from this book to the goddamned letter, and NOTHING... It all looks like complete diarrhetic shit and is not even worth saving. Whole afternoon wasted and not a motherfucking thing to show for it.

I was in a foul mood before all this bullshit even happened - now I'm one hair away from having nothing to do with this entire goddamned thing. Like I really need this stress today after going to bed irritated, then having YET AGAIN a full night of recurring nightmares, then the supreme fun of waking up in tears because I wasn't sure if any of it was real or not.

If someone told me right now that the entire world was ending today, I wouldn't give a goddamn - I swear on my fucking life I wouldn't. I'm going to my room now and shutting the door and lying on my bed until I no longer feel so frustrated and angry.


I've chilled out, had a slight nap earlier today, and just finished dinner a little while ago. I feel much better. The whole family is heading out to Barnes & Noble in a while to get coffee and read books and such, Haley has been asking me questions about haunted houses and such. She wants us to look at books on local haunted houses and that kind of stuff. Hopefully we'll hit paydirt.
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