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It's Friday, and I want to crawl under a rock. I'm not in the best of moods or spirits today, and for some reason or other I have not stopped having nightmares or sleeping a full night all GATdamned week long.

Had a good (if not scatterbrained) meeting with the magazine staff last night, got the assignments delegated and everyone seems to be excited about the first issue. As Layout Editor and regular contributor, my first submission will be a review of Jeff Buckley's "Grace". I'm excited beyond measure about it, and at the same time I'm scared as hell of not doing it justice. It is almost like trying to sit down and decide which album in my collection is the one that surpasses this one for depth and meaning, because there isn't one. The only thing that compares is Jennifer Nettles Band - Story Of Your Bones, but then both of these albums defy normal musical categorization. Yes, I know I'm biased and completely prejudiced in favor of them both, but the fact remains that until both of them I only ever listened to music. After them, I now listen AND hear it, and it's just not the same.

I'm going to have to spend a HUGE amount of time this weekend on the layout of the magazine, as that is going to be quite a substantial undertaking and I'll no doubt scrap 70% of what I end up with. Perfectionist, perfectionist, perfectionist...

I'm going to start working on my Buckley piece this afternoon, after the calm is restored to the house from the morning's chaos. It's due in two weeks and there's a ton of work to be done before next week's meeting. The plan for today is simple: Get a shower at the first opportunity possible, get the kids contented with something to do, get the house in some sense of order, start working on everything I have to get done. This evening Haley comes over for the weekend, and tomorrow is Aimee's birthday party at her & Ryan's loft. I plan on working tonight after everyone is settled, then it will be quiet and I can put on my headphones and get cracking.

I will not be available for much of the weekend in order to get work completed on assignments, excluding the one thing I have already committed to - i.e. Aimee's b-day tomorrow night - and really hope that I can be productive enough to make all of the other bullshit in my head do an about face and run.

My patience for bullshit today is so thin it makes Kate Moss look like a complete heifer. I officially got my period. Be warned.
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