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Brad Smith

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Date Created:2001-10-20
Number of Posts: 690

Rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth Atheist... Is creeped out by birds, excluding ducks... Digs hot and spicy food, hates stupid people... Deny me coffee in the AM and I'll bury you before lunch... Not partial to beets or radishes... ZERO patience or tolerance for fundamentalists or stupid folks of any kind, and loves his family and furry children.
Strengths: Easygoing. Pretty low maintainance. Has some patience left. Can weave a basket if ever stranded on a desert island and need a basket for carrying things around in.
Weaknesses: Loud. Sometimes a bit too aggressive. Tendency towards extreme violence on the odd blue moon or when surprised from behind. Just don't, I don't play that shit.
Special Skills: Can cook fantastic meals for several people at a time, can teach dogs how to count, can insult people to their faces without them knowing it happened - much to the delight of friends and family, can retrieve any broken cork from any wine bottle.
Weapons: Base logic, cynicism, sarcasm, scary appearance.
Birthmark: It's a butterfly in the iris of my right eye.

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