Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

New Buckley Icon, etc...

I made a new Jeff Icon for anyone that would like it. It's the Grace Ep's box set artwork, slightly modified. Feel free to use this one, as with all of the others

Also, if anyone needs lyrics to the entire Grace album, let me know and I can email the .doc I put together. Pretty swank. Yup.

Watched The Abyss with Damien & Maggie last night, it was the first time she had ever seen it and she really loved it. I knew she would. I made pasta with a white wine/mushroom alfredo kinda sauce, which rocked. Also made a blackberry cobbler, equally rockin'.

We started talking about scary movies last night after we'd watched the movie, and Maggie decided she was too spooked to sleep in the other end of the house, so I took my bed apart and put Haley's twin mattress on the floor beside mine. The three of us lay there for close to a 1/2 hour laughing and making fun of each other. Maggie fell asleep in mid-conversation explaining "...and then we went to this place..." and her voice trailed off. I looked over to her after a few moments and told Damien "Oh yeah, she's gone." Maggie, with her eyes closed and a sly little grin on her face continued "...where we..." - and Damien and I burst out laughing, it was too funny.

Today is going to be a lazy day, I'm just not really all that motivated to get much done today. Maggie's in Atlanta at the Dixie Chicks show, Nathan & Cole are in Athens, and Avery is with Ann for the rest of the afternoon. Which leaves me in possession of an empty, reasonably clean house on a potentially stormy day.

Yeah. Today is my day off. Aside from getting food and going to Barnes & Noble and then the library to see Renea later, this day is my bitch. NAH!!

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