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What a day... What a long, long day...

This day was wierd to say the least. I'm tired and loopy from my allergy medication, so this will have to be short.

Damien and I had dinner at his place and watched Lara Croft - Tomb Raider. I'd never seen it before and I absolutely loved it, it kicked much ass. Renea read the same book I have been planning on reading for a few months now, it's called "God Shaped Hole" and was inspired by Jeff Buckley, and the fact that Renea started reading it on a whim and LOVED it is yet another sign that I needed to pick it up and start reading it myself. I got it earlier this evening after going on a wild goose chase with Damien to find Renea. We went by her house three different times, went by Ryan & Aimee's, even went by the library - all to no avail. Oh well, I'll see her soon enough.

I already love the fact that this author could listen to his music and be so inspired that she would craft an entire novel of his genius and amazement, it makes me happy to know of someone else who gets it. If I'm not too tired when I go to bed I'm going to start the first chapter.

Before I finish this, know that in the morning when I update I'm going to write an absolutely scathing and venomous post about how Pat Robertson, George Dubya Bush, Fred Phelps, and that no good motherfucking drag queen that calls herself "The Pope" can kiss my big gay ass. Daft cunts, the lot. I have to stop now or I'll lose my momentum before I intend to stop, and that simply will not do.

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