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The Incredible Shrinking Bladder woke me up this morning. I fire up… 
29th-Jul-2003 08:09 am
The Incredible Shrinking Bladder woke me up this morning. I fire up my friends list while pondering breakfast, and I see a picture missingyourbed has posted of a Deep Fried Twinkies stand at some state fair - or what appears to be some state fair - and I literally hear and feel my arteries hardening. I decide on the blueberry granola we got from the vegeterian store and some soy milk. I love this stuff. I don't even drink regular milk anymore now that we've made the switch to soy, it just tastes better to me. I do have a little bit of heartburn, I think it is from the Penné alla Vodka I made for dinner last night but I'm not sure. Even if it was, I love that stuff and will just have to suffer through heartburn from now on. Cole cleaned his plate and Avery had seconds of it, so I have perfected that recipe. Then again, anything with pasta and tomatoes and those kids are all over it! Especially Puttanesca and Pesto with sundried tomatoes and artichokes.

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that Random Acoustic Accident (not a real band, mind you) was playing at The Loft and I went, only there were fewer people than you'd think attending the show. At one point random-yahoo-lead-singer began talking directly to me in the audience, telling me to come up with song titles and he would improvise songs for us to hear. Then he called me a fag so I ordered a shot of 151, finished drinking my scotch, threw the 151 on him, smashed the shotglass in his face and then set him on fire. It was the first time the entire night that the audience clapped for anything. See, if I had attended an all-gay high school and not been subject to the cruelty that is the public school system I wouldn't have such violent tendencies towards homophobes. On second thought, who am I kidding? ::snickers::

I have a list of Top 10 List topics. Yes, I'm well aware of my insanity - it's just a hobby of mine I've had for years. BTW, I don't see anyone but charliekeenjr posting about the top_10_lists community on their journals, do you guys not love me like I thought? ::closes eyes tightly and hopes I get promotion for this one::
29th-Jul-2003 05:32 am (UTC)
What's the tag to make the little community icon?

29th-Jul-2003 05:45 am (UTC)
< lj comm="NAME" >

of course, no space in the opening and closing bracketsbut leave the space between lj and comm like in the lj user tag...
29th-Jul-2003 06:59 am (UTC)

29th-Jul-2003 09:40 am (UTC)
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