Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

My Days And Nights Are All Confuzzled Now

I left the station at around 1PM today and came straight home. I was too tired to even stop for lunch. I get here and lie down to take a nap, and then wake up at 7PM, fucking starving and totally disoriented. You know how you sleep REALLY hard and then wake up and have NO idea where you are or even who you are for that matter? And of course, you're in your own house and it's just that you've slept this really deep, dreamless sleep - that's apparently what I did here. I woke up to the realization that I'm sitting up in the bed conversing with the wall. Fucking hell!


Darwood made some cool liners for me at work, I played them all several times yesterday and today during my show. One just says "Jude Bennett - 1-0-7-3... The Q", one says "Jude? Jude? Hey Jude! Will Somebody call and wake up Jude?... 322-107Q", and the BEST one is Pablo Francisco imitating Don LaFontaine in his movie previews voice - it's fucking hilarious! "The best hit music... One Man... Jude Bennett... One Way... 1-0-7-3... The Q" I lost the satellite feed Saturday morning for the Best Of Bob & Sheri, so I had to improvise the "Saturday Morning With Jude & His Coffee" show - it was actually kind of cool. Overall work was cool this weekend.

I cannot wait for spring to get here finally so I can start planting stuff and begin riding on the Riverwalk again.

Six Feet Under was pretty good tonight, Queer As Folk was great as always. I swear - I know more straight people who watch that show than actual queers!

Alright - time's a wasting - I need to find something constructive to do... I have half a mind to go hang out in Denny's and revisit some of my misspent youth! No, I'm not THAT bored yet.
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