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Hello, my name is Ann Coulter... SIEG HEIL!!!!

You know, I cannot figure it out, this Ann Coulter being. She's very intelligent, which is appealing... She rips Kate Moss into shreds in her new book - also appealing... ::recalls defacing a Calvin Klein poster in Atlanta years ago by scrawling the words "FEED ME" across the emaciated stomach of a scantily clad Kate Moss at a bus stop, thinks to self "Yep... Good times...":: She's friends with Bill Mahr, who couldn't be more the water to her oil, so in that respect she's at least somewhat likable...

Then she makes statements like this: "In a way, I wish there were more conservatives like Gary Bauer demanding federal laws that would outlaw sex education, communism, atheism, condoms, Birkenstocks, New York Times' editorials -- everything you can think of that would cause a liberal to screech" and I have an ethical aneuysm.

Judge for yourself, peruse this archive of editorials I found that were written by her.

In a way, I view her friendship with Mahr as being somewhat similar to mine with Renea. She considers herself the new face of conservative Republicanism, ::feels core of being shudder violently for a microsecond:: and I'm the Godless Liberal Humanist, and a big ol' queer to boot - essentially the antithesis of everything considered sacred by the GOP. Renea and I have spent hours talking about all sorts of political issues, and even though we must concede agreement by means of disagreement, at the end of a day I love her to bits and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her. She thinks my political views are just as misguided as I think hers are, so it's rather an even playing field. It is my honor to know such a fine person, it is my pride that she thinks similarly of me, and that's what makes us us. Well, that and our penchant for mercilessly mocking the weak and stupid, and our sarcasm and cynicism that I think borders on the legendary.

It's rather funny to me, in a way. I have friends from every walk of life, each representing something like me and something foreign to me. I know people who consider themselves all sorts of things, and I wonder who they think they're fooling. Which is why it is my policy to take 90% of people at their actions and never at their word. For me to take you at your word means that you have never at any time given me reason to question you or your motives, you've put your money where your mouth was faithfully and cited factual evidence as means of debate instead of baseless assertion after trite, arrogant, baseless assertion.

There was a point to all of this, I'm quite sure there was, but I took a Darvocet for my back about an hour or so ago and my entire spine feels like warm jelly. In a good way. Yeah.
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