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The Ballistic Princess Strikes Again!

Only me, I swear.

Avery, the daredevil of the toddler world, the child who looks at danger and scoffs, the little girl who cripples me with fear when it gets too quiet in the house, the Ballistic Princess™ herself, has both terrified and injured me this morning.

Her new thing is to go into the cabinet underneath the silverware drawer in the kitchen. She takes everything in there, dish towels, pot holders, colanders, etc. and throws them out into the kitchen floor so she can climb into the cabinet and hide. Well today she decides to climb up onto the upper shelf, which I cannot understand HOW she's hoisting herself onto. I was making Black & White soup for us to have for lunch and unloading the dishwasher when she starts yelling at me. I turn around and she's hanging on for dear life to the top of the cabinet door, which is swinging open, about to fall on the tile floor, so instinct kicks in and I dive to catch her and break the fall. I saved her from falling alright, but at the expense of throwing my lower back out again and diving headfirst into the handle of the silverware drawer. So now I have a headache and my vision is blurry and my back hurts like whoa...

So what did Avery do as I'm clutching my head with one hand and holding my back with the other? She clapped for me and screeched "YAYYYYYY!!!!!!"

I swear, between Avery and her brother, I'm living with Calvin & Hobbes.
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