Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I posted a poll response to AOL's message board feature about Pat Robertson and his "Supreme Court Justice Removal" prayer initiative. To read the thread if you are an AOL user, click here. It reads:

"This entire issue is a result of Pat Robertson's insane need for publicity to fatten his already substantial pockets. This guy, as are all televangelists, greedy, moneygrubbing attention whores who know NOTHING of freedom or the God they claim to serve. All they really know how to do is rob people blind on their television shows and bark in insincere, baseless assertions about how people should live their lives. What a crock!

As both a gay man and an atheist, I support anyone's right to live as they see fit, provided they are not hurting anyone else in the process but gay rights are HUMAN rights, people - not special privileges. Pat Robertson and his lackeys are about as credible as my dog's drool.

Ask yourself this - if there really is an all powerful God, and he really speaks to these fundamentalist whack jobs, why would he use such crap PR as PAT FREAKIN' ROBERTSON to do his bidding? If you think that God uses televangelists (or anyone, for that matter) to speak for him, then you're completely insane. Only in America would we breed such blatant stupidity!

I've been getting some fairly mixed responses, everything from "Rockon, man!" to "YEW R A SINNER AND WILL DIE FRUM AIDS AND BURN IN HELL FOR ALL TIME" - but the most suprising thing is that most of the replies are in agreeance with me. That's rather shocking, don't you think?

When will the reign of Christian terror end? I hope that it will be in my lifetime!
Tags: bitchslaps, fucktards, fundies, goddamnit
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