Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


This evening I'm photographing Nexus at Heritage Park, for a start. Then I'm going to move them to the Promenade and ampitheater, the Maze Garden, the Iron Works, then to the old City Mill location where it's very gritty. I've made a list of places that I want to use already. I'll see whomever turns up (pretty much this is an open to all friends deal, if you want to come and hang out, then by all means come on down) at Heritage Park, across from the Coca Cola Space Science Center on Front Avenue behind the Wyndham.

One thing I definitely want to do sooner or later is set up a table in a very high traffic area, with chairs and stuff, and have the band sitting at the table playing cards or something with life going on all around them like this was a normal scene in everyday life. Still brainstorming on ideas for that one. That and the chalk outline idea, where they are all laying side by side at different angles and I shoot that from above them looking down (would have to be wide angled, I'm sure) and then someone does a chalk outline on each of them before they get up - then I get a picture from the same angle of the outlines. Maybe something for the front of a t-shirt and the back of one as well, or cd cover artwork.

I have the first 5 logos I've made for the band already printed, I'm bringing them with me this evening for approval. Guess I'd better get back to work on my projects, will see those that show up downtown this evening.

Take care, all!
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