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I Don't Like Mondays...

I am in the worst mood. I had really fucked up dreams last night, I slept for shit because my body is all tense today, I am nauseous and I have a headache. Add this to the fact that it is all gloomy outside and I just really feel like poo.

I wished it would rain all day long and the house was already cleaned and empty of any living being. Then I could just sleep all day and wake up tomorrow and everything would be normal. Today is a day best spent alone and with nothing to do, with it thundering, lightning, and raining outside and an endless cup of chamomile tea on my nightstand that would never get cold. Today I feel fed up and disgusted with everything. Today I wave a white flag at any annoying person who crosses my path, just so they will continue on their merry way and leave me alone.

Put it this way - if Jeff Buckley were alive and I had the opportunity to meet him today, I'd just as soon stay in bed. Yeah. That pretty much sums it up.

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