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It's actually quiet right now. Cole and Sydney, who have been getting on my GAT-DAMNED nerves for the best part of the day, are watching cartoons and Avery is sleeping. If I have to reprimand them for their behavior one more time, then here will be no outside water play today. Yeah!! I said it!! No outside water play. I'll make them sit in the front window, side be side, with the shades open, super soakers on the sidewalk, sprinkler on the grass, and WATCH the water that they cannot play in.

::lowers head, shifts eyes, rubs hands together and giggles maniacally::

I have finished about 4-5 loads of laundry that needs to be folded, and I have yet to pack for Atlanta yet. Folding the clothes will be no trouble at all. Packing will be no trouble at all. Hell, even finishing the dishes should be no trouble. HOWEVER... If these kids don't stop pissing and moaning, I swear I'ma go Columbine up in this motherfucker.

::recalls self saying this before, remembers Maggie nodding head affirmatively::


They ended up playing nice and getting water play time.

I got a most disturbing call from one of my best friends earlier, and in retrospect it really pisses me off that what should have been a really joyous occaision for sharing something ended up being marred by other people's selfishness. Hopefully one of the persons in question will wise up and get with the program, and try to understand that there is more than one person here that deserves her support. Being supportive of someone, friend OR family means being there for what they NEED, NOT for what they want. And the person at the center - who shouldn't even BE in the center, thank you very much - will accept that life is change and it is time to move on. If you really loved him, you'd want him to be happy - even if that means being happy without you.

I'm waiting on Damien to get here and then we're off to the A-T-L... Y'all have a good weekend, be good to one another, and I'll see you all later on.

My love to everyone that matters, my bare ass to those that don't. Holla!

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