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Musicians give props to Buckley

The June issue of the UK's Mojo Magazine has an interview with Sir Elton John. When he is asked "What, if push comes to shove, is your all time favorite album?" his reply is, "Grace by Jeff Buckley, which is like an album made by someone from another planet..." And, when Jimmy Page is asked what music is he listening to at the moment, he says "Nothing that's had the impact on me that Jeff Buckley did."

In an interview with Robert Hilburn of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Lisa Marie Presley said that Jeff Buckley "had the most wonderful voice of any singer I have ever heard. He had to have been an angel with a voice like his."

On the official Glastonbury Music Festival website, a voting poll is taking place for bands you'd like to see on a DVD of the best performances which have taken place at Glastonbury. Jeff Buckley is listed under "1995". The website poll is located at Glastonbury Festival DVD. No deadline is listed, so the sooner you log your request for Jeff Buckley, the better!

We're leaving for Atlanta at some point today, and coming back sometime tomorrow evening I believe. I'm in an unusual mood today.
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