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Dying is easy, it's living that scares me to death...

I got to talk to my friend Beth {plush} last night just before bed, I'm glad that I did too. She made a major decision about herself recently, and I'm very proud of her. Anyone that would give up their best friend because of a jealous, abusive boyfriend deserves to be dropped. It was a very brave move on Beth's part to make the declaration that she would rather be without someone than be negated by them, and I'm very proud of her for it. It speaks volumes about the power she has over her own best interests. She reminds me of Renea {lolasenvy} in that respect. Well, that and it's impossible not to love her. Were that everyone had as much self esteem.

I took Damien out to dinner last night, we had a good time with our waitress. She made me laugh as soon as I met her, which allowed for much witty and humorous bantering between us for the duration of the meal - much to the amusement of Damien. I also did something for her that I hope made her day a little bit better, but that's neither here nor there.

I slept relatively well last night, despite waking up periodically being wide awake and confused. Waking up this morning was a pain in the ass, however. My sinuses have been bothering me for a couple of weeks now, the last vestige of Spring allergies come home to roost. For the past two days I have had sneezing fits and occaisional nosebleeds, and that culminated into this morning's sneezefest. I had one of those fits that makes you sit straight up in bed because it's like a whole body sneeze, when BAM!! I burst a blood vessel somewhere and the floodgate opened. No big deal, it happens sometimes. I got up and took a shower and the steam really helped, and that was pretty much that.

This evening Damien & I are taking Jennie {tiredofdreaming} to an audition downtown, so while we're there I'm thinking picture-taking-time. The light this evening will be good in downtown, and I want to get pictures of things I haven't gotten before, like the Springer, Rivercenter, and the Government Center fountains. Oh - and the old wrought iron gate and stables in the Rankin Courtyard. It will also give me an opportunity to stop by The Tap and talk to Dave about doing the websites for all three of his clubs and Buddy about doing sites for The Loft, the Olive Branch, and his new bike shop since we're going to be right there anyway.

Once Maggie gets back from taking Avery to her doctor's appointment, we're going to finish cleaning out Cole's room and reorganize the office to make it more efficient. I'm going to give Dave and Buddy calls after lunchtime and see if they will have time to meet with us this evening. I'm going to burn a cd of my site so we can take the laptop with us and show off our work. It's better to have an interactive pitch to sell to people, that way they can better see what you're made of. With any luck it'll all pan out for us, so cross your fingers!
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