Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith



What the hell? I go to read my friends page, and like 1/2 of the people on it are bitching about people who are fucktards in one respect or another. plush's got a severe case of the ass because her alleged "best friend" Misti is a selfish little tart with zero self esteem and a penchant for neglecting those who do more for her when they're fucking SLEEPING than that life support system for a cock of a boyfriend she worships... cantotre is raging about something or other but is being vague about it, so I have no idea what that is about... princessqtpi is conceding defeat under similar circumstances... saturndayze21 is still driving herself mad about both the boy with girl-hair (couldn't possibly figure out who that is) ::snicker snicker:: and the noxious and perpetually self absorbed Brian, who is the very thing she should really run a mile from - not that I haven't been saying this since day one, mind you... Then xfallenstarx has been knifed by a very close friend and is renouncing the entire friendship...

Toxic people, man. Toxic people. With everything that makes you ill about them, take the time before you give them the final "Fuck Off" to thank them for letting you know where you stand with them - it is possibly the greatest gift you could be given in light of the circumstances. Also, make sure you thank them for being spineless, as it cushions your fall.

Regardless of the facts or circumstances, believe me - you're better off without that kind of shit sucking away your energy. You're better for the struggle. Keep your chins up, folks - and remember that I have two available shoulders when you need them.

Heading out soon to run errands before Tina's birthday party this afternoon, will (hopefully) dodge the rain today so everyone can play outside. Take care all, and be well.

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