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Positive suggestions welcomed, serious only...

Here's the situation.

I am deeply, but DEEPLY in lust with this man. He has a son that attends the pre-k program at the same school that Cole goes to. He is absolutely my complete physical sexual ideal. Sex is redolent from every pore of this man's body; I would let this man do things to me that I would permit with NO ONE - and would practically do anything that he asked me. So long as it didn't invlove poo in any form, it could be arranged. I would drink this man's bathwater, do you hear me?

Okay - on with the details...

He's well over 6 feet tall, with dark curly hair and blue eyes. He's got that olive complexion that suggests Italian to me, and has and ass that would make Rush Limbaugh swoon. He's very lean and muscular, and when he's not speaking directly to you has a confidence in his demeanor. When he speaks to someone, he looks them directly in the eye. He never walks from A to B so much as swaggers, I suspect that is because the perfection that is this man's ass has it's own gravitational pull. He has nice broad shoulders, and the BEST hands on any human male I've ever seen. I have every single detail of his body, his face, his walk committed to memory.

He picks up his son at the same time that I pick up Cole everyday. I heard him listening to Rock 103 one day while he was waiting in his truck to go inside, and told him as we walked in the door at the same time that he really needed to listen to 107, that it was my station and he should make the switch. Then I heard him speak for the first time and damn near wet myself. He is southern to the bone, and has this lilting country boy drawl that just absofuckinglutely slays me.

I speak to him whenever I see him, just small talk in passing. The conversations are never anything more than basic trivia and hello/goodbye greetings. We never stop and talk. I have no idea what his name is or anything about him, other than he does not wear a wedding band and he needs me. I have seen his son's mother picking up the little boy on days when he doesn't come to get him himself, and I don't think she wears a wedding band either.

I'm scared to try and solicit anyone for information on him, and am reticent to ask him directly - even in passing. Sometimes the way he looks at me when we talk in passing makes me wonder if he's not onto me and my thoughts, he seems a little standoffish when I look him back in the eye.

This man is driving me absolutely nuts. I see him and fantasize about him for the rest of the day - clearly I need a new hobby or something, I accept this. The thing is, I have no reason to know anything about him that could be taken as just base level curiousity.


What do you all think? The guy absolutely haunts me, I've never been in the actual presence of anyone this gorgeous and completely sexy in my life. I am in a position of seeing him practically every day. I have NO idea how to strike up a conversation with him about anything, and he always seems to be in a hurry to get his son and leave.

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