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Happy 4th Of July, y'all!

This evening myself, Damien, and several (I hope) other friends will be watching the fireworks from the roof of the CB&T parking garage. We're having a sort of picnic, so if you want to come then by all means pick up dinner for yourself and come on down - there is no better place to watch the fireworks than there.

Today I'm going to listen to some loud music and clean up the house before everyone gets home tomorrow. It's not really that messy, but I want it done before they get here and I have the time and inclination to do it today. I've ripped both Soul Miner's Daughter cd's to MP3 and am in the process of doing all 3 Jennifer Nettles Band cd's so I can make playlists to sing along with while I clean.

Not much more going on, I hope it's a quiet day. One more before the family comes home and I get to be surrounded by the noise and busyness that is my normal life - the one that I've had a vacation from all week long and wouldn't trade for anything in the world...
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