Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

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Good Mood Today...

I'm pleased to announce that I am in a really good mood today, the sun is all shiny and warm and I know spring is coming soon. Despite my allergies, I WILL have a garden this year and fresh vegetables and herbs this summer. On the 2 square feet of space I have to grow anything... BUT DAMNIT, I WILL SUCCEED!! I'm getting a new futon and a new (possibly used) bike soon, I miss riding on the riverwalk. Time to get things ready for the new baby too. She was giving Maggie fits last night, I could tell she'd had a hard day at work so I made her lie face down into the donut pillow and I gave her a back massage - which she enjoyed immensely. Poor baby, I hate that she's so uncomfortable!
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