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Computer is totally fucked, can't even get AOL to run and Internet Explorer won't let me check email through Livejournal is acting all fucked up, things are appearing on screen when they shouldn't and I cannot post comments to other journals. Tried logging out and then back in, and nothing. Damien took me to the cemetery earlier to visit Staci's grave, which has completely turned me inside out emotionally. I feel raw and vulnerable, like my insides are on display. Tried to take a nap a while ago and failed miserably because I'm exhausted but cannot get to sleep. Sugarland is playing tonight and I don't feel like leaving the house - but I'm going for Jennifer. I'm motherfucking furious that Celeste has had to go through this ordeal, and though I have no details as to why, there is no excuse for what she has had to suffer. I feel like exhausted, nauseous, hammered shit. I apologize beforehand for my mood tonight, if you see me this evening I ask that you bear with me - I'm not at all myself right now. If you need to get in touch with me today and don't have my number, email me at

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