Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

You know, I SPEAK whale...

Saw Finding Nemo again last night, loved it even more the 2nd time,. This is one of those movies I really couldn't get tired of. Mom says it wasn't as good as Lilo & Stitch, but that she liked it. ::coughcoughLOYALISTcough:: I sat next to tiredofdreaming, who got all weepy with me during the sappy parts. A few times I had to put my arms around the ol' girl's shoulders! It was great fun.

So far I've made 5 logos for Nexus, so photol I need you to get with the guys in the band and set up a time for no later than Friday of next week for everyone to come by here to see them and discuss the pending photo session. I have some free time next week, so we have to meet by then, because I don't know when I'll have that luxury again. I have a lot of ideas, but need some feedback before most of them can go forward, so make this meeting happen!

I made four of the shirts for Pride yesterday, and finished printing the transfers for princessqtpi and ryno_v_6point7, so you guys make sure I get your t-shirts by Friday so I will have time to make the transfers and wash them before Sunday.

Friday night I have all 3 kids here, we're going to get pizza and watch Treasure Planet. Well, they are anyway - I'll most likely be making t-shirts or working in PS7.

Saturday night is the Sugarland concert at the Uptown Tap, just another heads up if you're planning on going. I'm not entirely sure of who is going or not, but we will definitely be there. I promised Jennifer I would take pictures of the band and the show, I am doing some artwork for them that (hopefully) will go towards t-shirts and posters, and with any luck a new album cover. Keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for me!
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