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Amazing what a decent night's sleep will do for a person! I feel pretty darned good this morning, except for the fight I had with Avery a little while ago over breakfast. She was insistent that she could efficiently feed herself Cream Of Wheat with her fingers, but I had to shut her down. She finally relented and ate it with a spoon, albeit begrudgingly. Whatever, I got it into her tummy - that's all I care. She's at this very moment playing Hide-&-Seek with Cole and Illeigh and hollering "EYE-DEE!! EYE-DEEEEEEEE!!!!" which is amusing me no end.

I'm in the process of making some logos and graphics for John's band. I asked him a while ago to learn "Grace" by Jeff Buckley for them to play, and since he has I figured I'd do this for him in exchange. It's my doing that he's a Buckley fan in the first place, so I'm just helping to promote the band. I haven't heard them myself yet, but according to Ryan they are really well put together and play well live. So that's my new art project. Yep.

We're going to have to reformat this computer soon, it's been begging for it and these goddamned pop up ads are about to drive me up a wall. I've uninstalled everything I didn't specifically put on here myself, installed Stopzilla, Spyblast, and Ad Aware, all of which are collectively doing nothing but wasting space on the hard drive.

I'm off to finish laundry form yesterday, put the Ballistic Princess down for her first nap, and have some yogurt and granola for myself.
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