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Javyluuuuujah, Javyluuuuujah......

So I'm watching the Braves/Phillies game today, in part because I've been in a foul mood and because of my two favorite players; Javy Lopez (Atlanta) & Randy Wolf (Philadelphia). It's the 9th inning, Javy's kick-ass batting streak was for shit, and it's already like 2 balls, 2 strikes. Out of nowhere Larry Bowa (Phillies MGR) brings his fat ass out of the dugout and starts freaking out about preferential treatment everytime they play Atlanta to the plate umpire making the call - arguing strikes -vs- balls and what not. He's yelling and throwing his hat around and kicking dirt all over the plate, and Javy is just standing there with this look on his face like "Jesus H. Christ, Bowa - why is it always Jerry Springer with you, man?" He gets himself ejected and then Javy strikes out. I just turned it off, you knew it pretty much was over at that point.

I've been running Ad Aware and Stopzilla all day to kill these goddamned popup ads, and still - things are popping up left right and fucking center. I cannot find anything on my hard drive, so clearly whatever this bitch is is hiding.

I did get a good laugh today about something I was told that struck me as beyond hilarious. Government assassin MY ASS!!! I'm SO SURE a soulless mercenary would drive an economy sedan and wear a fleather trench. Some people, I swear.
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