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For whatever reason, even when I'm not on AOL or Internet Explorer, this computer keeps getting flooded with pop up ads. It's making me fucking homicidal. I have Popup Killer installed, but it isn't working on most of them. What the fuck?


I uninstalled Popup Killer and installed Stopzilla, which seems to be working. I have also established that I have gotten my period and there are no Manpons™ anywhere in the house. I'm angry and pumped to my nipples with adrenaline for some inexplicable purpose, and I feel like lashing out at anyone or anything that pisses me off.

It is no longer just a matter of feeling down anymore. I never expected to be happy in life, but I was striving to be content and now even THAT is fractured at best. I realize that statement comes off like a self indulgent blues jam, and that is more than fine with me.

Cole has soccer camp tonight, so I'm going biking when they leave to take him. I'm taking my angry CD and sweating out some frustration. I'm spending the rest of this morning trying not to resolve myself that everything is just fucked and I really don't care, because right now that is exactly how I feel - even though I know myself better and realize it is just me being caught up in my own anger and frustration.

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