Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

By The Skin Of Her Teeth - Jennifer Nettles Band

What more can I do for you?
As I stand here naked before your eyes
to do what you will as you always will do
Should I roll up my sleeves
Or simply turn my head
Easy access for all the vampires
that secretly wish me bleeding and dead

(Just Ask) 'Cause I am a bleeder
(Just Ask) For all the bottom feeders
(Just Ask) I'll be here much longer
And I will be stronger than you know

How much longer can this last?
That she will play the mental punching bag for all of the blows he's received in the past
How much longer can she keep the peace?
Between these beauties that sprung from her belly
and the cycle that rages in the gut of his beast

(Just Ask) 'Cause she is a giver
(Just Ask) She'll stand and deliver
(Just Ask) She'll be here much longer and she will be stronger than you know

Or is it the anger that draws you to these songs?
'Cause I got notches in my belt for bruises that prove
That what you assume couldn't be more wrong
Or is it the struggle
A shared common grief
To see a lover; a mother; another woman get by
By the skin of her teeth

(Just Ask) They'll dub you a fighter
(Just Ask) A guts and glory writer
And you will fill up their hearts and you will fill up their needs
And they will love you darling
Until you succeed
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