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My site made it into the Brush Search Engine! I rule!!

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My site made it into the Brush Search Engine! I rule!!

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My sinuses are for shit, I'm on antibiotics. I went biking with Maggie, who hung in there like a champ for all 6 miles. She even rode her bike up all of the hills and didn't walk it at all. Of course, for as good as I feel that I went biking when I'm not 100%, now I feel like four sacks of shit with a side of smashed assholes. I'm consoling myself with fresh lychees, strawberries, cheese, and vanilla soymilk. Silk soymilk, chocolate and vanilla, kicks much ass.

For those fellow vegetarians and anyone else so inclined, Morningstar Farms is a great company. They make these things called "Grillers", which are vegetable and grain based alternatives to hamburgers. They even make this stuff already crumbled that you use like cooked ground beef - and it's AWESOME. I've made chili, spaghetti, lasagne, calzones, and stuffed peppers with it and it rocks. They make a spicy black bean burger patty also, that's what I had for dinner tonight with lettuce, tomato, and avocado and it rocked balls. I still love Gardenburgers, matter of fact I heard you can get those at Denny's now too! Boca burgers are alright, but they are not as good as the other two.

I'm going to be compiling a wish list of books, so once I finish it I am hoping somene has some of them I can borrow.

Tomorrow we're getting a baby seat for my bike so Avery can go riding with me now and then. I can hardly wait, too - she's going to hate wearing the helmet but she will love riding. She loves motion and feeling the wind rushing around her. Will post pictures as soon as I get them.

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