Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I was just thinking...

I remembered when I came out to my mother and she said "Good for you - can you hand me those socks? My feet are cold" and my father screamed so many obscenities at me that I'm sure some of them weren't even really words. Part of me expected him to react badly, if at all, but it still hurt to hear some of the things he said. I remember one thing in particular that stopped him dead in his tracks. He said something to the effect of "There are hundreds of people who change and get out of that lifestyle, and goddamnit - you WILL be one of them!" I looked him straight in the eye and said "No, that's not true. The only choice is to tell the truth or to lie and I'm not going to be a liar for you and if that hurts you, then maybe you deserve to be hurt."

My friend zaque18 came out to his parents recently, and being bonafide members of the God Squad they didn't take it well. I don't want that sort of thing to happen. I don't want people to suffer the cruelty and vulnerability that we have. I want to be part of an environment where people can come together and support one another, where everyone feels safe and accepted - and most of all, where they can feel normal.

I want to is to get a PFLAG chapter reestablished here in Columbus. I'm going to look into it when I go to Pride in Atlanta.


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