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My plans for biking last night fell through as I totally forgot it was Maggie & Nathan's date night. I ended up staying here with the kids. After dinner (spinach penné with Emeril's sauce and fake chicken strips, or 'Fricken' as we call it) I let Avery swim around in the tub for a while to wash off the pasta sauce she fed herself (it was a tomato-based nightmare) while Cole went across the street to play with his new best friend Hayden. Avery was especially giggly last night and every time I moved too fast she would break out in a run giggling her little head off - so I followed behind her with the obligatory "I'm gonna get you, little girl!" thing. A few times she would trip and fall, but being that she was already laughing she didn't complain. She came to me at 9:00 while I was standing over the sink peeling roasted peppers for sauce and handed me her blanket - then led me to her bedroom and pointed to her crib. I picked her up, got kisses, and put her to bed. When I walked out of the room, she was singing to herself. Cole came out of the shower and curled up next to me to read his new book while I read from mine until Mags & Nathan came home.

Tonight I will go for my long bike ride. It doesn't matter to me if anyone else comes along, feel free. I'll have my headphones on and will be riding fast tonight, so know now that this is going to be my workout ride. Once Maggie is working from home I'll be able to do these in the mornings that she's going to be here and can double my efforts.
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