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Jesus H. Fucking Christ, I want to kill someone... NOW...

Where's my goddamned floss?

Goddamned Macromedia-Piece-of-shit-ColdFusion MX...... install... uninstall... reinstall... STILL no fucking startup icon, desktop or otherwise. Yeah, install the fucker, can't use it. Did I mention that I had to retype the serial like 15 fucking times, each time the same fucking way - checked, double checked, rechecked - and then BOOM! There she goes. Then the fucking bitch is inoperable. Fuck Macromedia. No, MOTHERFUCK Macromedia.

And since you brought it up, I think women who smoke when they are pregnant should be charged with reckless endangerment. If you have so little regard for your child IN THE FUCKING WOMB, the safest place your child should ever be, what kind of care will you provide for them once they are born? You'll probably spend a lot of time taking care of a child with 2,756 birth defects, that'll be just grand, won't it? Wouldn't abort a child, but you'll sure as shit smoke your brains out one month from your due date. Sarah Massoud, fuck off - just fuck off.

Out of respect for Renea at her birthday dinner I didn't show my ass, even though I REALLY wanted to. I deserve a medal of honor for that one. If I see her again before she has this child and she's smoking, it's open fucking season. I'll take every cigarette she has and piss on them right in front of her and dare her to say one fucking word to me about it.

Yeah, I said it. Goddamned right I did.
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