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Something's coming... I don't know what, but I can feel it...

Something is going on, there are forces at work that I cannot explain. There are too many coincidences that I cannot explain and I don't believe in accidents or absolutes (for the most part). June 28th and 30th are very hard days for me as my two best friends both died on those days. I feel them coming and already I am dreading them. There will be many tears for me on those days, and I really hope I can be occupied with something lengthy and fun to do to serve as distraction if nothing else.

One week ago yesterday, Maggie saved the life of a little two year old boy named Johnathan who drowned at the apartment complex we go walking at - and we just happened to be close by, after deciding to stay longer than we had planned. It not only happened on Memorial Day, it also happened on what would have been Shane's 29th birthday. The day before yesterday, Johnathan's mother and sister brought him over to meet Maggie for the first time since she brought him back to life, here is a picture of the two of them:

Yesterday we went walking again at the same place, and there were two boys fishing at the lake that the walking track encircles. They had hooked a very large turtle with a 3 prong hook in the mouth and were yanking on the line and cheering. Maggie made them stop and we took the turtle to the Animal Emergency Center. They took the hook out of his mouth and one of the attendants is taking the turtle to a private lake on property that her uncle owns where there IS no fishing or little bastards that kill innocent animals. One week to the day and she saves another life. This happened at the same place, on the day that Maggie put in her notice at work. There's another story there...

Maggie has been with TT&W for three years and change now. She had only been working with the company for two weeks when Shane died on June 30th, 2000. She's now going to go into business for herself as an SSI rep, and will be spending a lot of time at home now. It didn't occur to me until last night, and that was when all of this struck me. Things end and begin new. Death and rebirth.

Her last day at TT&W, coincidentally, is June 30th.
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