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Maggie is my hero, Maggie is my Jesus!

We (Damien, Maggie, Nathan, Cole Avery, & myself) were walking around the jogging track at Hamilton Station by the back pool. We took bread to feed the ducks, fish, and turtles. There were about 15 people in the pool area, half kids and half adults. We stopped at the playground beside the pool to let the kids play and within about 15-20 minutes someone started a commotion. I picked up Avery and looked over to the pool to see a man (later discovered to be the boy's father) pulling a tiny, limp body out of the water and yelling "OH MY GOD!! HE'S GONE!! HE'S GONE!! I CAN'T LOSE ANOTHER ONE!!" and a woman (later discovered to be the boy's mother) screaming. Cole stayed with me while Nathan and Maggie ran to the pool. Damien was on rollerblades and could barely walk on the grass and the two of us just stood there with the kids. They put him on a chiase lounge on his stomach and I yelled at them to turn him onto his back. Maggie got to them and asked what his name was. They told her that his name was Johnathan. She called to him to wake up and checked him for a pulse, which she found - but weakly. We were yelling for anyone with a cellphone to call 911, and within seconds I saw something that made me furious - the others who were with them started frantically running around throwing away beer bottles. It was obvious then that this baby boy's parents were crocked out of their heads. Johnathan's father was pounding on his tiny chest, which Maggie told him to stop as his heart was beating and that would only do more damage. She started CPR and was talking to him to wake up and breathe. After a minute or two, he took a shallow breath and they turned him on his side to let him cough up the water in his lungs. He did bring a little up, but then stopped breathing and closed his eyes and went blue again. Maggie was amazing - she kept calm, even as Johnathan bit the inside of her lip and caused her to bleed profusely - and was determined that this child was going to live - and she brought him back.

The EMS units finally arrived after what seemed like an hour but was really only a matter of minutes. They took him to the hospital with his mother in the front of the ambulance. Maggie followed them with his father in Damien's truck. Nathan took Damien & I to the hospital to wait with Maggie on some news. We walked into the ER and she was standing there completely still, looking blankly and sucking on her lip where he had bitten it. I went straight for her to hold her, and told her that she did good and was amazing. As soon as she saw me the tears started and I stood there just holding her and letting the her cry. She told us that on the drive over, Bruce (the father) was telling her that he had already lost one son. Apparently someone who was geeked up on coke ran him over and killed him. He was fourteen years old.

After a while they called us to the family waiting room where his mother was, they wouldn't let her in the ER because she was too hysterical so the father went in because comparatively he was perfectly calm, though I know it was really shock. While we were in the waiting room with her, just her, Maggie, Damien, and myself, I could smell the alcohol on her breath from eight feet away and I was fuming inside, just absolutely livid. She talked about being there a year earlier with her daughter who had been scalded with boiling water and about her older son Dylan who was also swimming at the pool. A doctor came in a little while later, after two more family members came and told us that he was being stepped down from trauma and moved upstairs to pediatric ICU, where he would be kept overnight for observation. We went upstairs with them and I gave the father out phone numbers so they could get in touch with us and keep us up to date on his condition - they all hugged and thanked Maggie and we came home.

We got home about 9:45 last night and were informed that Johnathan's older brother Dylan is one of Cole's classmates. Small world, huh? About an hour later a family member from the hospital called - Little Johnathan was sitting up in his bed beside her watching cartoons and feeling fine.

Today I feel very strange. I'm tired from lack of sleep, and my sinuses are raw. I'm very proud of Maggie. She said she felt proud of herself too, and that she was grateful things turned out like they did because if she didn't save him, she would always feel like there was something she did wrong or didn't do enough. Luckily though she was perfect, as she is to me in every way. I didn't know I could love her more than I already did.
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