Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Wheels - Maria McKee/Lone Justice

I wish you never even loved me
makes it so hard to live without love now
I know you're often thinking of me
sometimes I feel you so close by
it takes all my might to keep from trying to track you down

I can surely keep you out of sight
forget about the way you look, your smile and the way you speak
But I've heard in the dead of night outside my window
silence breaking with the solid destination of your lonesome speed

I know the sound of your wheels

I had a handle on my sorrow
my composure was in order - it was sufficiently intact
But every reminiscent echo brings a blow to chill my senses
and my heart quakes and tenses until these moments pass

Every trace, every vision
brings my emotions to collision
Past loves' lost tokens
every cherished thought once spoken
False hope of reconciliation
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