Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Total Eclipse of Moon to Occur Thursday

Lawsuit dropped as Oreo looks to drop the fat...

Okay, forgetting for a moment that this entire bullshit argument is nothing more than a lame, weak minded attempt to legitimize the REAL problem - that would be not parenting your child to begin with and letting them have whatever unhealthy food THEY want to have, have we forgotten about this?:

Hello people, get your heads OUT of your stupid asses and pick legitimate battles to fight. Organize your time, get out in the yard with your kids and play. It's not like you all couldn't use the exercise. Get your kids away from a television, off the computer, and away from the mind numbing video games. We are bringing up entire generations of dumb, unexercised, morbidly obese kids - and why? Because you fucking lazy assed parents cannot be bothered to do your fucking jobs! You let them be ruined by indulging them too much, they rot their brains and creativity in front of TV, video games, and computers all day long, and you look the other way like it isn't your responsibility. And if you think this is about freedom to choose and want to make it an argument about living in a democratic society, then go get fucked. Before you pull that bullshit on me, ask yourself if you are within your ideal healthy weight for your height and age. Do you get enough exercise to justify eating crap all of the time? No? Yeah - I thought not. Go piss up a rope.

Due for release: The Eminem video game

Yes kids, you TOO can live a life of bad examples and allusions to murder scenarios! Be a "good" father to a daughter while constantly going on and on about how much you hate her mother and recording songs about beating and killing her in all kinds of ways! Please, give me a fucking break. Admittedly, I dig his music, but then I'm 32 years old and not a child with a PS2 or a Game Cube - or one of the parents of a child like I described earlier who could give a damn about their physical and emotional well being.

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