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Okay, someone help me out here...

I'm completely depressed now. I was feeling like poo all day anyway, and now it's official. Funny how the stupidest things provoked this one, like American Idol - I really liked Kimberly Locke! Not that I don't like Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, mind you...

Then I caught the last of Dawson's Creek - JUST in time to see Jen in a hospital bed holding her daughter and telling Jack that he would make a good father. Then she fucking dies for some reason unknown to me, ripping my heart out. Then Pacey sets Joey free, and rips my heart out further. Then I come to find out Doug really IS gay, and has designs on Jack... Apparently they were a thing before, and they get reunited - AND THEY KISS ON THE BEACH!!!!! GO WB!! Then I find out that Joey and Dawson have a child, though there were two kids running around and I have no idea which one is theirs. They declare their eternal love for one another as soulmates and best friends, but not before Dawson has a vision of Jen arriving in a cab like she did that first day - and that was it, heart completely ripped out, stomped, and frappeed in a cuisinart... Then the perfect ending - Joey and Pacey wind up together (ROCK ON!!), Dawson has produced a series on TV and is about to meet Spielberg finally, and they all talk on the phone.

I have other things going on that account for my current state of mind, but I do not want to go into them. All it will do is upset me and I don't want to even write about them, let alone talk about them so if you care about me, if you really do, let me sort my stuff out in my own way and please - no prodding. It always gets better sooner or later.

Now, for my questions - please give me the answers!

1. What kiled Jen?

2. Who is Jen's baby daddy?

3. Were Doug & Jack together before this episode?

4. When did Doug come out?

5. Where the hell was Andie?

6. Which of the kids was Joey & Dawson's?
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