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I can't breathe! I can't breathe!

Avery has spent the last 5 minutes walking around the house with a paper bag over her head. She bumps into things ::thunk!:: and then stands there, stock still, and does this sarcastic "Ha ha ha...". It's HILARIOUS! I'm over here crying I'm laughing so hard! She's laughing like when Damien fed her the cheesecake and she got whipped cream on her chin. This child is too funny, man...

Also, I have new wav sounds that I want to use in place of my current AOL sounds, like "Welcome", "You've Got Mail" and "Goodbye". I deleted the old wav sounds, then put the new ones in the AOL sounds folder and renamed them with the names of the old wavs. The old ones are still playing... I rebooted... They're STILL playing... What gives? Anyone? Anyone?
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