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Jesus Christ, What A Day!

I finished writing the wedding vows for my friends Amy and James who are getting married this Saturday, so I feel pretty good about that. Three things have been pressing hard on me all day, though.

Maggie is very unhappy. It is long and complicated, but suffice it to say I think she is reaching her breaking point. She told me tonight that she feels completely defeated, and given the circumstances I cannot blame her.

Damien is in corporate hell. They claim to appreciate the work he does, but it really is just a bunch of sentimentally empty bullshit. He puts in more time than is required of him and goes above and beyond to be accommodating, and as is usually the case with people of his ethics he gets shit on. I'd give anything for a couple of new doors to open for him - one being the exit door to Vital. That company's management team collectively blows goat.

Then we have neighborhood trauma. The family across the street has gone through hell in the past five months. The lady who lives there is named Kim. She has two sons that Cole plays with regularly, Hunter and Hayden. Her ex-husband and children's father was killed in a car accident on December 14th of last year (my birthday, for dog's sake) and since then they have had a rough go of things. They were just getting to the point where things were looking up, the boys are doing much better and as a family they are being very active, then tonight happened.

Someone was driving through the neighborhood and ran over their cat. I got outside after the fact, but Kim was hysterical and the boys were both inconsolable. Hunter, the older of the two, was screaming "It's not fair!! It's not fair!!" through his tears. She hugged them both and took them into the house. I called my friend Debbie who lives up the street and knows them well and asked her to walk down and look in on them and to tell them I'd do anything for them that I could if they needed it.

For that time, there was nothing I could do to make it better. I hate that more than most anything in the world.
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