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Reason 2,759,243 why I love me some Renea:

She bought me the Tool Box (Salival) while we were at Barnes & Noble yesterday. I mentioned that I wanted to get it, and when we got to the car she handed it to me. Again sweetie, thank you SO much for that, I've been listening to it all morning! That and Mer De Noms. I think I have fallen in love with Maynard all over again. Of course, when Lollapalooza comes to Atlanta this year A Perfect Circle won't be on the bill - Queens Of The Stoneage will be playing at that show. GRRRRRR... I'd give my leftie to see APC live, I'm not kidding. Especially now that Twiggy Ramirez is filling in on bass for Paz Lenchantin. Yep.
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