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Made an update to atheist_parents, which I haven't done in a while. So for those of you so inclined, it's about why I cannot understand how anyone would believe in God. It was intended as a statement, so if you feel the need to challenge or deride it feel free. Everyone is entitled to his opinion, and I am certainly entitled to break your balls if you post some bullshit. That is best saved for your own journal. Anyhoo....

Yesterday after Avery's birthday party (which she enjoyed immensely) Nathan drove Damien & I to an abandoned cemetery not to far from our house. It is overgrown and many of the graves are sinking and the tombstones crumbling. One of the graves had a huge gap in the cover stone and you could see a space beneath it where the crypt held a rotting coffin. It was bootleg as hell, some of the engravings on the stones were carved into cement while it was drying decades ago. I took several pictures, I might post them later.

I feel like refried crap on toast. I have a wierd sore throat that came out of nowhere, and is affecting my sinuses.
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