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...A Few More...

Fuck people who name children after alcohol brand names and cars.
Fuck yippee little dogs that can fit into a handbag and the sad bitches that own them.
MOTHERFUCK Mariah Carey.
Fuck Televangelism.
Fjuck Norwegian people.
Fuck parents who let televisions raise their children.
Fuck Jerry Springer - how stupid do you have to be to get elected Mayor and lose your job because you paid a hooker with a goddamned CHECK?!??!?!?!?
Fuck anyone who needs drugs to make them interesting. Life is tragic enough without an altered state of mind.
Fuck Ticketmaster.
Fuck Rush Limbaugh. "What?" - Rush Limbaugh
Fuck Abercrombie & Fitch, you lose IQ points wearing those clothes.
Fuck the Male dominated Pro-Life Movement. Tell you what, GUYS - next time YOU get cramps, I will personally buy the Midol. Man, do I HATE a stupid motherfucker.
Fuck the Easy Way Out.
Fuck fashionable Buddhism.
Fuck Tommy Hilfiger.
Fuck the tree that killed the best part of Sonny & Cher.
Fuck Miss Cleo - betcha didn't see THAT coming, did ya Mommy?
Fuck Martha Stewart for needing to GET fucked. Fold all the napkins you want, you're still just a skank from Jersey with flat hair.
Fuck anyone who was connected with the movies "How High" and "Kung Pow", and anyone stupid enough to pay money to see that bullshit. Your complete lack of sensible taste and practicality merits the death penalty. Be glad I'M not in charge. Yet.
Fuck the Adoption Industry for failing children everywhere and being a disservice to approximately 65% of would-be parents.
Fuck the Amish.
Fuck Mick Jagger.
Fuck women who enable these assholes in epidemic proportions.
Fuck being a doormat.
Fuck not asking for what you want. How will you ever GET anything? All they can do is say "No", in which case the appropriate response is "Alright then, Fuck You!"
Fuck the Klan.
Fuck pro sports.
Fuck pseudo intellectuals.
Fuck thinking being in the military legitimizes you being an asshole.
Fuck being inconsistent.
Fuck Virginia, I ain't meeting the bitch.
Fuck Dr. D. L. Gold AND Direct Optical Center for their commercials. Snivelling bastard.
Fuck loving your parents and liking them at the same time. Earn it, no one gets a free lunch - you said so yourself.
Fuck the Seminary.
Fuck Beyonce Knowles.
Fuck White Trash and White Power. Wait a minute, that's a mighty fine line.
Fuck being ashamed.
Fuck belittling some to make yourself feel better. If that applies to you, you are LESS than nothing.
Fuck insomnia.
Fuck the "Club Lifestyle".
Fuck whoever knows the cure and isn't saying.
Tags: bitchslaps
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