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Hey, You Know What? FUCK You...

Fuck men that legitimize the beating and raping of women with stupid statements like "The bitch had it coming".
Fuck people who discriminate based on weight.
Fuck the Middle East for fighting over a piece of land that no one has a FUCKING DEED TO.
Fuck this intangible, child murdering, virgin raping, deadbeat father sky fairy that people base their entire lives on because someone else decided the lie was legit, and fuck that dead Jew on a stick he has for a son.
Fuck any preacher who drives an expensive car.
Fuck the Spice Girls.
Fuck the US Government for not sending John Walker to Guantanamo Bay with the rest of the Taliban smegma.
Fuck the Pope for breathing.
Fuck homophobes for having an opinion.
Fuck Enron for their greed.
Fuck people who bring young children into movie theaters - Hello, if you cannot find a babysitter, stay the fuck at home.
Fuck anyone at the front door who interrupts my busy transfer of oxygen to carbon dioxide to tell me about Jesus OR Jehovah.
Fuck me.
Fuck people who drink and drive.
Fuck stupid people, it's a damned shame that stupidity isn't painful.
Fuck people who bitch in baseless assertions.
Fuck your image.
Fuck computers that call your house and have the gall to put you on hold.
Fuck all of the people connected with daytime television.
Fuck the cowardly.
Fuck Shakira, if for no other reason than for copycatting Christina Skankilera - is there a lower depth of misery?
Fuck being sad and depressed and lonely and angry and having no outlet for frustration.
Fuck money for never being enough.
Fuck Liam Gallagher.
Fuck straight guys for being so damned goodlooking.
Fuck fags for being really bad representatives of the "Gay Community".
Fuck pretention.
Fuck not taking a stand for something and not getting REAL loud now and then.
Fuck the spineless.
Fuck people who say "I Can't" instead of "I Won't".
Fuck anyone who makes fun of handicapped, overweight, mentally challenged, or otherwise disenfranchised people.
Fuck Fundamentalism.
Fuck being horny and not having a partner to have wild, nasty, hot monkey sex with.
Fuck the academy.
Fuck boring, brainless, judgemental, moronic TSYS employees who think they're cool simply because they're TSYS employees.
Fuck your ego.
Fuck Cory Jones. Your father should have pulled out early.
Fuck melodrama.
Fuck Eiffel 65.
Fuck Jeff Buckley for going swimming in the Mississippi River.
Fuck people who steal the innocence from children.
Fuck anyone who harms animals, and fuck PETA. Cows, fish, and chicken are not animals - they're food. Fuck off and eat some granola with soy milk, you fucking hippie bastards.
Fuck Raspberry Pop Tarts for being packed full of yummy goodness.
Fuck people who start shit and then back off to watch it all go down.
Fuck all of you backstabbing bitches.
Fuck ths bullshit that you think is so important, NEWSFLASH!... It's just not.
Fuck people who can't take the hint.
Fuck people who are unkind to service personnel, especially in the foodservice industry.
Fuck being a victim.
Fuck people who get paid even though they don't earn their fucking jobs.
Fuck censorship.
Fuck guys in their 40's who divorced perfectly wonderful women to go off and pay some nobrain slut to pay them attention and appear as though they REALLY like them, and drive a Corvette. Nice car, sorry about your penis.

(This post is a work in progess)
Tags: bitchslaps
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