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Something's not right...

Maggie and Nathan went to the gym at 10, for what was supposed to be an hour or so workout. It's close to midnight and neither of their cellphones is on. Fucking HELL, I'm going to bitch when they both get here! Never EVER leave and not have your cellphone nearby! GRRRRR!!!!!!

Cole said something earlier this evening while he, Maggie, and I were biking on our street that has really unnerved me. He said "I hope Mommy sees that caye (car) that just passed us, because I wouldn't want hoye (her) to die." So of course, being that I'm uber-overprotective of her, I watched her like a hawk riding up behind us until she caught up.

The wierd dog, the one I affectionately call "Tard", has been acting more strangely than usual in the past 2 hours and is whining and moaning. It is incredulously bothersome. It's beginning to creep me out, too because some very wierd shit is going on and I get the feeling that she knows something I don't.

I hate it when Cole wakes up after he's gone to bed for the night. He gets totally confused and sometimes combative, and there's little reasoning with him. This time he was trying to go outside. I was in the kitchen and he just walks past me trying to get to the laundry room door, telling me he wanted to get into Nathan's room - totally different door, so I knew he was going to be all wierd and shit.

So he starts spinning in a circle, and mumbling what I'm cerain must be Aramaic, and when I finally steer him over to the sofa in the living room he bursts into tears and shakes uncontrollably, looking around like he was completely terrified of something. This really scared and freaked ME out, because I felt like he TOO knew something I didn't. He crawled up into my lap and I held him, rocking him back and forth a bit until he calmed down. Then he went walking through the house to the office and started crying more while bending over and clutching his tummy like he had to pee. I took him to the bathroom and made him pee, which calmed him down considerably. I'm trying to get him to go across the hall and back to bed, right? WRONG! He walks back to the kitchen and fucking goes outside! I stopped him in the driveway and led him back to the house, where more tears ensue. Then finally he went back to bed and I put the dog in his room with him. Not Tard, but Scout, the Lab and best dog ever. She sleeps with Cole, it's kind of like a protection thing.


Now I'm all freaked out and I feel very nervous because I have NO way of getting in touch with Maggie or Nathan, and because I'm a complete paranoid bastard I'm starting to worry that something has happened. Will update as soon as they get home, kindly refrain from posting replies just yet...


Everyone who lives here is accounted for, and I'm going to bed. Night, all!

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