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Saturday Morning

I got up before anyone else did and made 20,000 pancakes for everyone's breakfast. I barely got started when Avery woke up, which woke Maggie up.

Damien & I are schlepping back to Atlanta in an hour to get the other things he needs for his apartment, and then going back there to finish getting everything put in order. I'm in a super good mood today, let's hope nothing happens to ruin it. No stupid people are allowed to come within 50 miles of me today, I just can't have it.

Last week when we went to Atlanta, there was the best Coke ad I've ever seen on a billboard
across from Hartsfield, I found it online and posted it below. It made me happy.

Have a good day all, I'll see you after a while!

Hands down, THE BEST Coke ad I've ever seen...

~ Click On The Image To See It In A Full-sized Window ~</center>
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