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Feh, just big, fat feh!

Avery has been quite the little piglet this morning. She slept late and then wanted breakfast as soon as I dragged her lazy butt out of the crib. She ate an entire bowl of Cream Of Wheat with strawberries, a blueberry waffle, and a peach yogurt smoothie. Then started pointing at the bananas, like she was telling me she wanted one at lunchtime. Cole is off to spend the day at his best friend Tucker's ("Tuck-oh's") house.

I cannot really describe how I feel today. I've been trying to get inspired to make something new for my gallery page, but have felt nothing coming yet. Then I ran across a website I saved in my favorites on the work of Andres Serrano whom I admire very much. Then I started thinking about Dali's religious work. Then I started thinking about how I interpret certain images and what I see and feel upon viewing them.

I'm making some collages, and they are going to be harsh. These are going to reflect where I am right now. I've compiled an entire file of images that I'm using to make brushes, and I'll probably have them all done by the weekend. I found a picture of the gate at Auschwitz with a wrought iron banner that reads "Arbeit Macht Frei" - "Work Makes One Free". That being said, let me go ahead now and explain that if you're faint of heart or easily disturbed, you might be distressed by the things I'm making. Then again, that would be the entire point.

I had a dream that I fell down and my head split open but it didn't hurt or bleed. Instead, entire armies of little robotic spiders like the ones in Minority Report came flooding out. If a lot of you could see what thoughts are really inside my head sometimes, I'd scare the hell out of you. I think that's true of all of us, though.

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