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I slept all night last night, didn't even remember rolling over to get into a new position. Maggie, Damien, & I are all having some kind of wierd stomach thing and so I took a Lotomil & a Phenergan before bed and they completely knocked me out. Now I feel a lot better.

I'm a little relieved that this big chemical weapons stash was found in Iraq, because it justifies everything that much more. I'm all for removing Saddam Hussein from the earth, I still say that it should have happened long before now. There have been countless opportunities before. Oh well, coulda shoulda woulda...

I'm a little groggy today, the medicine still hasn't worn off. My body feels about three times heavier than it normally is. I'm going to keep my mood icon set, I'm just going to add a few more. I wished I could manipulate the actual moods, though. Thanks to Eric for inspiration.

I made a new piece that I'm calling "Deconstruction" that will be up on my site later. I want to tweak a few things and run some filters and brushes before I upload it. I really want to get new pictures, if only the weather would cooperate and let me get on with them. Me and this mother nature chick are gonna have words...
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