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Hot Key List For New Semagic LJ Client

Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+R Strikethrough
Alt+- font size -2
Alt+= font size +1
Ctrl+T Unordered list
Ctrl+Y Ordered list
Ctrl+N hr
Ctrl+W Center text
Ctrl+Alt+U lj user name
Ctrl+Alt+C lj community name
Ctrl+K lj-cut open tag
Ctrl+Alt+K lj-cut closing tag
Ctrl+Shift+K Wrap with lj-cut
Alt+W Wrap with tag
Ctrl+M Insert image/link
Ctrl+Alt+L Quick insert link
Ctrl+Alt+I Insert image
Ctrl+Alt+I Insert image
Alt+U Quick insert custom link to user
Alt+N Quick insert custom link to user (no image)
Ctrl+Alt+W Quick wrap with tag

Ctrl+F Edit Friends
Ctrl+Alt+F Add Friend
Ctrl+H History
Ctrl+L Edit Last Entry
Alt+F7 Check spelling
Ctrl+Alt+M Define Macros

Ctrl+O Open draft
Ctrl+S Save draft
Ctrl+D Clear draft
Ctrl+Alt+O Open file
Ctrl+Alt+S Save file

Download The Semagic LiveJournal Client For Windows Here!

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