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To Review...

It is safe to say that I'm completely worn out and overstimulated. I'd give anything to go down to the island to the beach house and be alone for about two or three days. Just to be where it's quiet and there are no people, and I can go for long walks in the sand with my feet in the water and read on the pier and eat seafood until I absolutely go blind.

We got Damien all moved into his new space on Friday and spent the weekend unpacking and getting things put in their respective places. I of course did the kitchen, and everything is in its proper place and very clean. I'm glad he has a place of his own to go to and lock the world out if he chooses, because privacy these days is a rare commodity.

I need to create something soon, so I'm going to spend a little time tomorrow trying to get some work done in PhotoShop. I need to get some new pictures of things downtown, so with any luck the weather will give me a break and some good lighting this week and I can do just that.

I feel so disconnected.

"...and I don't want to feel this overwhelming hostility."

~ Maynard James Keenan

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