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Saturday, Gloomy Saturday.

It looks like the north of England outside today, only without the cold and the wind. I feel cold. I have got to get a good night's sleep tonight, I'm not good for another toss-and-turn fest. At 4:00AM I was woken up by the noise from the apartment directly above Damien's bedroom. It sounded like there was an elephant riding around the room on a Harley Davidson while a seal was banging a kipper on the table. I went upstairs to complain and the door was answered by this elephant in a crash helmet and behind him was a seal screaming "WHAT IS IT NOW, RALPH!??!?!?!" ...::thwappity thwap thwap thwap::... I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Last night Renea, Damien and I watched Red Dragon, which was absolutely brilliant. Damien wants to borrow it, Renea - he fell asleep halfway through and this morning wanted to watch the rest. I was right, BTW - Ellen Burstyn was the voice of Grandma Dolarhyde.

I want to say thank you very much and all my love to tiredofdreaming, wsbsdrewnelson, and pandorasparkle for reasons well known to them - and to isis691 for extending a hand to me; I want to meet it with my own soon. All good things in time...
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