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I made it through the majority of yesterday thinking about everything that has happened and why I feel the way I do about it. I've thought about it until I can't think anymore, pondering whether or not my decision to end these relationships I'd worked hard to make and sustain was the right thing for me to do, if I was reacting off of my emotions, or if I was simply doing it all out of self-preservation. I am still unsure to many points.

This I know though, It totally yanked the rug out from under me that I had people I loved threatning me with taking away their friendship if I didn't either shut up and play nice or look the other way like it didn't matter. To actually go so far as to tell me that they didn't want to write me off but would for what amounted to lame reasoning at best and then have the gall to accuse ME of overstepping my boundaries. Whatever I said, no matter how angry, I never once told any friend that I would cease my relationship with them if they didn't do my bidding. Conversely, for anyone considering themselves a good friend who would claim credit for something they didn't do and actively make life harder for people without doing anything REAL to change that is not within my acceptable friendship parameters. That is why after several months of feeling more and more distant I decided that I could no longer continue finding reasons or make excuses to remain friends with John. I have tried for a long time to act like him writing me off before didn't matter, but it does. I can't help that and I can't fix it by wishing it away.

I have been told by people involved directly and indirectly that I should not have posted what I did on my journal. So be it. Again, I will die before I apologize for one word I said, so I'll grant those that think I made a poor choice to agreeing that I have no problem with anyone resolving themselves to that opinion. We will most likely never agree on everything anyway, this is nothing more than an illustration of that fact.

For the majority of my life, I have fought for the underdog to be treated fairly and have a voice. I have at times lent a louder voice to those who weren't being heard because I feel it is the right thing to do. Whether or not it is my place is of no concern to me, I'm not going to sit idly by while a person is getting trampled in a crush and pretend I am unaffected. That is not who I am. If you cannot relate, that is your problem. Yesterday I didn't eat a single bite of my lunch so I took it out of the restaurant in a box to have for dinner. I wasn't the least bit hungry, and yet I walked past a homeless man who was begging for change on the sidewalk who was hungry. I told him I had no money, but asked him if I could give him something to eat. His eyes lit up and he said "WOW!" so I gave him the food. He thanked me and I told him thanks weren't necessary. I shook his hand and told him to take please care of himself. He smiled broadly at me and I left him to his meal and a break from begging for his next one. While walking away, I felt relief and comfort for the first time since all of this sadness began. Not because it made me a better man, but because I felt satisfied that I was a decent one.

Last night I barely slept for the second night in a row. I wondered about the homeless man and why I didn't ask him what his name was or give him mine. Yes, I did a good thing, but what more could I have done to help him? I wondered when the last time was that he sat down in a restaurant to have a meal. When was the last time he had a bath or shaved or brushed his teeth. When was the last time someone told him that they loved him. The frustration of everything going on here at home combined with my experience with this person brought me to tears lying there in my bed. It was then that it occurred to me what I would do the next time I could give a homeless man something he truly needed and set an example for anyone who could see it. I would also ask him when the last time was that someone gave him a hug, and ask him if I may give him one. I believe that love is many things, but you are able to prove it by making it an action. No one should be hungry... No one should feel unloved... No one should feel neglected... No one should be ignored... And no one with a heart should allow such things to go unnoticed.

I will always do what I feel is right for the people I love and myself, be that giving them a louder voice, or using mine to angrily call out what I believe are their mistakes, or calling their bluff when they wield something precious to me like a club. What Ryan, Aimee, Cheryl, and in certain ways John did was make me feel as unloved as Renea felt, as generic and fleeting as the wind. I will never be able to replace them with anyone else or replicate the love I gave to anyone else, but they made me replaceable - they made me just another thing. I cannot and will not speak badly of them, just as I cannot bring myself to maintain that I can ever act like this didn't cut me to the core.

I never asked to be on a pesestal for anyone. People come to me for advice and I give it. I say what I think and feel with forethought, I pick and choose what I say carefully so I leave little room for error. This has given me a string of labels like "holier than thou, God Complexed, control freaked, Papa bear wannabe, manipulating, pretender, poseur", you name it. Yet these labels never appeared on me until I pointed a finger in judgement. These labels never existed when I called out anyone else on the planet. No one thought I had a God Complex so long as their fuckups weren't being dragged out into the sun. No one said to me "This is none of your fucking business, back the fuck off" before this all happened. No one had any problems with me casting the first stone until it hit them. All of those things conveniently popped up after the fact to in order to legitimize things that couldn't be otherwise. It is funny to me that I've always been this way, and everyone knows it - yet somehow no one thought it was a bad thing before. During the time I was angry with John about not being a better friend to Andrew no one said to me that I was wrong for blasting him or that it was none of my business then. The way I am with people, with anyone, is the way I always am, it was no surprise to anyone - so why all of the fanfare that any part of this was unlike me? You think it matters one bit that just because I would think of you as a friend that I wouldn't blast the fuck out of you if ever you did something really wrong? You think that being a friend of mine makes you exempt from the shit I'll give you if you fuck up? I would expect the treatment I gave to be given to me if I was as self absorbed and misguided and I would totally understand where it came from. I do not consciously fail my friends and try very hard to never make mistakes by them. I'd like for anyone I know to tell me when I've failed them as a friend and I promise to make amends.

I do have very paternal instincts, and sometimes that bleeds over to my relationships with people - but only to people who are as irresponsible and as reckless as the children I nurture when they need love and scold when they do wrong and guide to lead them to a better place. There's a very clear parallel there that I never thought of before. I have treated people I have thought of as friends like they were children before - I'm guilty as all hell of that and I accept it - but I treat people as their behavior dictates. If you act grown up, you get treated like one...

In reference to me having no right to post what I did initially without going directly to the people with it first, I already did that (and so did Renea - more than once) and it fell on deaf ears. I said to them two days before that it was important to be there for Renea and look in on her, and nothing was done. You guys got from me exactly what I felt you deserved, and if I were the type to look the other way like some would (and have) then that would make me the lowest form of life I can think of, and that would be the apathetic bastards that sit watch people get destroyed without doing anything to help. If someone is in trouble and it's not your business, make it your fucking business. Get off your ass and do something about it or it WILL BE YOU the next time and you better hope there is someone like me around. I'm done with this for now, I might have more to say on it later. I'm confident that anyone who reads this will understand and that anyone who doesn't will leave me in peace.
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