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You Unfriends Make Me Fucking Sick

But let me tell you why. Excluding Katie, who has at least tried to make amends, it is time for a lesson in friendship for the unenlightened.

In light of my friend Renea's last post, and understand that I have earned the right to call her my friend as I've been there for whatever she has needed, and made time when I had none in some of the darkest days of her life, I want it known that I am ashamed of you motherfuckers whom I personally told needed to be more of a friend to her, and anyone else too busy to bother yourselves. You make me question whether or not you have earned the right to call ME your friend. If you wouldn't make the time for Renea when she needed you, several of whom lived with her without adequately compensating her for it, what reason do I have to think you would do the same for me if I needed to depend on you?

Face it people, you failed - you failed fucking miserably. All your "She knows I'm there if she needs me" and "I'm so busy, I just don't have 5 minutes to spare" are not good enough. You don't have any excuses. I told you she was in pain, she was lonely, she was scared, and she needed you. SHE told you the same in countless phone messages and journal posts.

I hope you all feel guilty as hell, I hope you all feel like complete shit. I hope you choke on feeling so bad you can't even fucking breathe. I hope you lose sleep, I hope you cry, I hope you hurt.

I wished any one of you even TRY to talk to me about this. I will make this entire post sound like Mother Goddamn Goose compared to the treatment you will get from me in person.

In conclusion, fuck you all. Fuck you until you eat your own shit, get on your knees and beg that girl to forgive your sorry asses. Fuck you until you make a concerted effort toward being there when someone ELSE needs YOU, instead of just taking when YOU need something.

I dare you to argue on word of this, I swear I do.

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