Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Avery is still running a fever, so Maggie is trying to get her in to see Dr. MacLeod. With any luck, he can see her today. She is being a little trooper despite being a sick little girl, walking around the house and pushing her little duck-on-a-stick thingy. Right now she's sitting beside me and eating her blueberry waffle. I was telling Damien & Amy yesterday that she has to have a waffle every morning, not having one is like me not having my coffee, which you don't want to be around for. [...unpretty...]

Wednesday is Damien's big moving day, we're going to Atlanta to get his furniture and bring it back to the new apartment. I'm going to spend some time today getting some things I have for him here packed up and ready to go as well. I'm very excited for him that he will have his own palce again, especially since it will allow him privacy and a place to escape the daily noise and get quiet time. It will also force him to get out more and have time for himself, and have to make new friends. I love that he has made friends with a lot of the people I know, I just want him to have more.

::turns to the right, watches the baby scold and chastize a bite of waffle, slam a tiny little fist on her high chair tray, look at me as if to say "Oh, you want some too? BRING IT!!"::

I need to get creative again, when I have the time to devote to that part of me that wants to create something. I really want to take some new pictures of downtown. Sometime soon I'm going to ride my bike sown broadway and get pictures of things I can make brushes out of.

By the way... Does anyone know how to make and save brush sets in PhotoShop 7? I have several that I want to make, just haven't done them yet. Once I get them made and saved, I'm going to add a new page to my site so I can share them.
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